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Coming to do this review after just having finished binge reading the manga, I am not sure if I will be able to put my feelings into words but I will try. Warning Spoilers incoming.

This is definitely one of the best fighting manga I have come across, and I would say this is one the best manga I have read period. In terms of fighting manga, I would have to rank this amongst greats such as Hajime No Ippo and Ashita No Joe. The author Kouji Mori does a great job showcasing and explaining different martial arts with his great cast of characters, and he also does a great job of explaining how each martial art can be used in a street fight.


About Holyland

Holyland Synopsis: A tormented soul, Yuu Kamishiro has no place in society. His peers constantly abuse him at school and finds that he does not fit anywhere. Out of desperation, Yuu stops going to school and ventures into the night in search of a safe haven where he will be accepted. read more

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